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"There's always another secret."

Dec 22, 2018

For this episode, we welcome our friend, Discord moderator, and dedicated fact checker Cody, who is super knowledgeable about Mistborn and Cosmere Lore in general. Kelsier has arrived at the location of his hidden army. While he's climbing down into the caves, he experiences flashbacks to the Pits of Hathsin, so we'll spend a bit of time explaining the moment Kelsier Snapped, why, when, and how. Sparked by a conversation between Ham and Kel we'll debate whether there is a difference between the Skaa and Noble people in any definable physical way. Kelsier concocts a plan to boost the morale of his Skaa rebel army. It works. This is how we're introduced to Captain Demoux, and why Demoux eventually becomes a kind of 'Priest' in the Church of the Survivor.

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