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"There's always another secret."

Jun 4, 2018

The Spoilers Cast has a special guest on for this one – The Administrator of, Mashi, who is also a fan of Mistborn, as well as an author, and a fan of @WOTSpoilers . Kelsier makes a visit to a plantation north of Luthadel, to preach his evangel. The owner of this particular plantation is known for being particularly harsh on his Skaa. We know how Kelsier feels about that. When a young girl is taken from her hovel in the night to be the Lord's new toy, Kelsier becomes furious. He kills the nobles that live there, the Obligators, all of their guards, and everyone else who raises a hand against his righteous rage. All while the Skaa sleep. When they awake in the morning they realize they'll all be killed if they stay, their only choice is to join the rebellion. Kelsier left them no other option.

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