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"There's always another secret."

Jan 14, 2019

Vin has become an accepted member of the nobility, her absence or attendance to social events is noticed. She has regular “dates” and although she's playing everyone around her, we'll learn later that some of the other ball attendees are playing a similar game. The Lady Kliss for example, as we find out later is a political informant as well. Vin has been spending time with this truly detestable group and we're pretty happy knowing that later, the most repugnant of them is killed by Vin herself. She has a confrontational moment with Elend as Vin grapples with some of the terrible injustice's of the Lord Ruler's world. Namely, rampant sex slavery in the Final Empire, and the dominance of one “race” over another. Later, Vin makes Kelsier promise not to murder Elend. She believes that even this vile noble society can be redeemed.

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