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"There's always another secret."

Oct 29, 2018

Sazed is concerned about the exchange between Vin and Elend, and questions her thoroughly. Despite Sazed's warnings, Vin is looking forward to seeing him again. Lord Renoux talks about meeting Elend many years ago, well before Oreseur became Renoux. We'll discuss how the Kandra may have gotten that information, and how Kandra society and law works in general. Kelsier heads out into the night on a mysterious mission, and the ever curious Vin follows. She discovers the Allomantic highway, and quickly works out how to jump from bronze spike to bronze spike. Upon reaching Luthadel, Kelsier discovers Vin. With the understanding that he won't be able to prevent her from following, Kelsier gives Vin a new lesson in Allomancy. Atium, and it's uses. Hell-bent on uncovering the secrets of the Lord Ruler, Kelsier heads toward Kredik Shaw, with his Skaa Mistborn Apprentice in tow.