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"There's always another secret."

Aug 27, 2018

Kelsier is training Vin, and the opening of this chapter is Vin's very first steelpush/jump. She is not successful in clearing the battlements of Luthadel. Kelsier pulls her to the top, and tells her to jump back off or wait for the city guard and explain to them how she got there. Not much of choice at all. Vin botches her landing as well, nearly breaking her neck in the fall. Kel wants vin to make her mistakes now, while he's there to help. While the two walk along the outside of the city's walls, Vin encounters her first mistwraith, we'll have a discussion about mistwraiths, kandras, the relationship between the two, and how they were created by the Lord Ruler. Not to mention the other genetic manipulation Rashek used to create the Scadrial in it's current form. Not even the humans escaped tampering.

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