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"There's always another secret."

Aug 9, 2018

Staying in Club's shop is a luxurious experience for Vin. Although, she isn't feeling any less paranoid than usual, despite the people she's working with. They don't even seem like Skaa to her. She begrudgingly takes a bath, and hates the way she smells afterward. After surreptitiously smuggling some food out of the kitchen to hoard it in her room, Spook knocks on her door to tell her that the crew is starting a meeting upstairs. This is the original meeting where the crew lays down an outline to accomplish their goal. We'll walk our listeners through the plans the crew comes up with, one step at a time, the pros and cons of each idea, and talk about how those plans ultimately play out through the series. We'll learn about the role of Lord Renoux in the plan, and watch the more knowledgeable members of the team quickly realize that Renoux is not a nobleman, nor even human. Though no one says it aloud, the implication is in the air. Marsh arrives at the end of the meeting and has a private conversation with Kelsier.

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